Inside Lacrosse, National Lacrosse Federation Announce Multi-Year Content Partnership

Inside Lacrosse and the National Lacrosse Federation are excited to announce a landmark multi-year partnership on content generation and distribution, focused around team and player ratings and rankings, as well as event seeding.

For the first time ever, IL and NLF will jointly conduct a club coaches poll, which will both be published independently and be incorporated into a new mathematical formula that will augment IL’s existing club team ratings equation.

Additionally, while IL and NLF will continue to produce their independent player rankings as they always have, the entities will partner on a third player ranking that incorporates the first two, plus a club coaches’ poll of players.

And finally, the NLF will be using this new proprietary formula to see its Championship event, providing real stakes to team rankings for the first time.

“The NLF continues to find partners like Inside Lacrosse and USA Lacrosse to further enhance the club lacrosse landscape,” NLF Founder Sean Morris says. “The cohesiveness of our partners will only strengthen the level of play on the field and the level of coverage and exposure throughout the country and the sport’s media landscape.”

For the last decade, the NLF has developed a leadership position in the boys’ club lacrosse space, from the standpoint of destination tournaments and showcases, the best teams featuring the best player development and the best recruitment featuring the top college placement. Partnering recently with USA Lacrosse to be a leader in the age-verification process is a further demonstration of the organization’s commitment to continuing to evolve in an effort to advance the sport.

During that time, Inside Lacrosse has continued to invest time and resources into covering the boys’ club lacrosse landscape better than ever before, providing a comprehensive national scoreboard and team ratings, expanding and refining its method and scope of evaluating and ranking players and broadening its reach to deliver even more of that to coaches, players and families who are eager to consume it.

“That’s why we’re so excited to partner with NLF on creating and utilizing team and player ratings going forward,” IL CEO Terry Foy says. “We take our inspiration from other sports, where entities like 247 have worked with partners to create aggregated rankings that became the industry standard. Some of these exercises are objective, but many more are subjective, and I’m excited for a future in which we can incorporate more voices into the conversation.”

“Our ultimate goal is to serve the high school lacrosse community of players and fans in a way that makes prep content easier and more enjoyable,” Director of ILPreps Dan Kaplan says. “Moving forward with new content, concepts and strategies with a partner like the NLF creates an extremely exciting opportunity to continue to strive for excellence within that ultimate goal.”

Check back next month for the IL x NLF’s Preseason Ratings and Rankings before the summer content cycle begins in earnest in June.